We take your business anywhere in the world
We take your business anywhere in the world
We take your business anywhere in the world

We Are

SFR TRUCKS is a company experienced in advising on foreign trade,

customs and land transport, maritime and air freight.

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Your merchandise is our concern, the communication in the process, the solutions in exceptional situations and the completion in the deadlines differentiate us from the rest.

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Guarantee the highest profitability of our clients, providing high quality services, identifying and implementing the best solutions in every situation.

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Customer satisfaction by offering a customized service, flexible and at the best cost. High degree of security, confidence and the training of our staff to achieve their maximum competence.


  • Management

    We collect and transport your merchandise throughout Europe. We manage your full loads and large groupage of both general merchandise and refrigerated merchandise.

  • Profitable efficiency

    We offer the widest range of covers that will adjust to the needs and value of your merchandise. We inform you in writing of the situation or delivery anomaly quickly and efficiently.

  • Experience

    Experience in all sectors and in all kinds of products: automotive, manufacturing, textiles, food and beverages, consumption, large distribution, construction materials, chemicals, etc.


  • Commitment

    Experience and professionalism are essential values in our company. We have been defending the work well done and the quality of the service management. We fulfill our commitments.

  • The strength of the Network

    China, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Brazil, USA, How far do you want to go? Our agreements with the main national and international shipping companies allow us not to limit the needs of our customers.

  • Extra Services

    Full loads / FCL 20'and 40', special equipment, import / export, goods insurance, customs clearance, etc.


  • Warranty

    Our business is completed with the Air Cargo Service. We can comfortably position any shipment through the main airlines of the world.

  • Maximum reliability

    When responding to our customers we have everything in mind, choosing the most appropriate medium to the service required and the characteristics of the shipment. Our strong point is the detailed tracking of the merchandise, which supposes a total control from the origin to the destination.

  • Extra Services

    Air freight, dangerous goods, perishables and valuable merchandise, goods insurance, customs clearance, etc.

Where We Are



From SERFRI TRUCKS and on the occasion of our commitment to the environment and sustainable development, and so that our environmental management system is known and respected by our suppliers, and in this way they adapt their possible environmental actions to our pollution prevention policy, in our company, we have adopted a series of good environmental practices, to comply with the environmental legislation that applies to us and to try to minimize and separate the waste produced in our company, among other environmental aspects. Therefore we inform you of its existence and that it is available to you, if requested So you can get to know your environmental requirements for our company, we enclose a summary of the measures we have taken to carry out a proper management of the hazardous waste that is produced in our company, and that directly affect them. We wait for a positive response, since we expect that there is respect for the environment and environmental awareness.he need to reduce consumption and the minimization and correct segregation of the waste generated during the development of our activity.

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Do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of more than 30 professionals will be happy to answer your questions or questions. We promise to do it as soon as possible. We will also be singing to serve you in our network of offices spread throughout Spain and the rest of Europe.


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